Old things, new techology

I was out and about in Allston a while back and came across something I hadn’t seen in a long time and it being used for a very modern item. The art of painting billboards is something that always fascinated me when I was driving through New York City or saw the faint remnants on brownstones in Boston. Looks like Microsoft was feeling a bit nostalgic when the push for Windows 8 hit because on the side of 1 North Beacon St I found this hand painted advertisement. Way more simple than most out there, but still a cool throwback for a new computer technology that can be partially to blame for the evolution into digital printing that made painters obsolete. 



There’s a short film called Up There about billboard painters in NYC that Stella Artois funded that I recommend. It’s neat to watch and also interesting to see how Stella was able to double their marketing dollars by telling the stories of the people behind their advertisements. Win/Win