Want to crowdsource your ad builds? Think again.

Commercials aren’t cheap to make and generally you’re stuck with only one option. Why not send it out to the masses and let them make the commercial for you? You’ll have lots to choose from and the price you’ll pay to use it will be so inconsequential that your bosses will view you as the most savvy budget adhering member of the team.

I’m sure Skittles thought that putting together a competition to win a vending machine would be a surefire bet to get some quality material. People got to make their own commercials with no funding from the brand and then they just wrapped the end of the spot with a supplied clip.

Unfortunately they learned the lesson that many teenagers in high school do, things live forever on the internet. I’m sure there were quality submissions that met the requirements but someone decided to make a commercial that was completely over the top and it’s not apparent who actually made it. Watch below. Depending where you work this link to the video could be NSFW.