I spent a week’s worth of vacation time volunteering at the FutureM conference in Boston two weeks ago. It may have been one of my best vacations in a long time. I was surrounded by peers that were all feeding off of each other. It may be a marketing conference but it was really an entrepreneurship conference. Every new friend came with a well practiced elevator pitch and every conversation ended with a business card exchange. If you weren’t selling your new idea, you were selling yourself to join someone else’s idea.


I got to rekindle some friendships with old coworkers that went on to Juniperks, Where, and Progress Partners which gave me hope/inspiration and I checked out the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Microsoft NERD building as well. 

It had been a crappy few weeks leading up to the conference but as everything wound down on Friday, I knew I had come to the right place to lift my spirits. Now I just need to keep that feeling alive in my future ventures.


Big thanks to MITX and all the other FutureM Staff and volunteers.


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